Sustainability Policy

PeopleCert has a strict sustainability policy in place to ensure all its operations have minimal impact on the environment and its resources. We comply with, and exceed where possible, all applicable legislation, regulations and codes of practice aiming at reducing emissions, resource consumption and waste. To this end we are ISO 14001:2015 certified to ensure that our policy is always compliant with all current industry environmental standards. Our business decisions take into consideration sustainability parameters, and we actively educate all employees on good practices to support the company’s overall sustainability policy. Among other activities, we regularly monitor and produce reports on the annual power, paper and water consumption as well as on the purchased / recycled paper ratio in order to continuously achieve better results. We convert all exam related paper supply (90% of total consumption) to recyclable paper, minimising the footprint of the company’s core product and we are always looking to expand the range of items for waste management. Our procurement department ensures that our suppliers and contractors share our environmental objectives.