M_o_R Practitioner (3rd edition)

M_o_R Practitioner proves you have sufficient understanding of how to apply and tailor M_o_R in a scenario situation.

The M_o_R Practitioner Certification is suitable for individuals who want to demonstrate they have achieved sufficient knowledge and understanding on how to apply M_o_R in a scenario situation.

With suitable direction, a successful M_o_R Practitioner should be able to start applying an M_o_R approach to any organisational perspective. The individual’s risk management expertise, the complexity of the organisational context, and the support provided for the use of M_o_R in the work environment are factors that will also influence the impact the Practitioner can achieve.

Who is M_o_R Practitioner for:

M_o_R Practitioner is ideal for any anyone working within a corporate governance environment that has responsibilities for identifying, assessing, planning, or managing risks, or reporting on risk management activities across the organisation.

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