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Service management tools for enterprise-wide efficiency: how Aranda Software’s ITIL-accredited tool is leading the Latin American market



  Alejandro Cañón, Product Manager – Service Management

Service management tools combined with ITIL 4 best practices are now making a difference in companies beyond their traditional home in the IT department.

In fact, IT Service Management (ITSM) is steadily becoming Enterprise Service Management (ESM), according to Alejandro Cañón, Product Manager for Service Management at Aranda Software, the first tool vendor in Latin America to achieve ITIL Accredited Tool Vendors (ATV) status.

“As ITIL 4 supports ESM – with ITIL practices suitable for use in human resources, marketing and facilities management – our customers are now recognizing this and, by using our tool, they can do it through one portal and one single point of contact,” Alejandro said.


Consolidating ITSM tool leadership with ITIL ATV status

After almost 25 years in operation, Aranda Software has reached a leadership position across Latin America, with more than 1,000 direct customers, 500 via a partner network and more than 1M workstations managed with its IT solutions.

Therefore, the next step in consolidating its capability was obtaining the ITIL ATV accreditation in July 2023. This is the only accreditation for ITSM tools that can show compatibility with ITIL practices, covering both software and people compliance.

Initially achieving accreditation for its Aranda Service Management Suite in nine ITIL practices, it has recently added five more: Monitoring and Event ManagementSupplier Management, Service Financial Management, Release Management and Measuring & Reporting.

Alejandro said: “With 14 practices certified, this will help our customers achieve greater maturity in their service management, maximise the efficiencies of their IT investment and be assured our software and staff are independently accredited by PeopleCert.”

This, he said, is important to address some challenges specific to Latin America, such as:

  • Gaining more operational efficiency
  • Reducing risk
  • Boosting customer satisfaction
  • Remaining competitive in the market.

In addition, Aranda Software’s commitment to innovation – for example, adding new AI capabilities to its service management tool – is aimed at increasing the productivity of its customers, and their customers.



Evolving tool design and development in line with ITIL practices


Achieving the ITIL ATV badge requires a tool vendor to confirm their tool is compatible with ITIL best practices – a must to ensure customer trust. While Aranda Software’s tool already made the grade, the company has made minor adjustments in line with its latest ITIL practices assessment:

“We understand that the evolution of the ITIL best practice framework must be supported by vendors through competently designing, developing and adding new capabilities,” Alejandro said.

“And what we’ve learned from the very beginnings of the company is that each customer pursues different objectives, and our solution should help them achieve those, create value reduce risk and protect their service management tool investment. Adjusting our software to comply with ITIL 4 means we can now provide a 100% out of the box capability to customers.”

ITIL ATV status: ensuring tool creator compliance as well as tech

Demonstrating team competence is also a core element for tool vendors to achieve the ITIL ATV badge.

Therefore, the company saw this as an opportunity to improve ITIL 4 knowledge across all customer-facing teams, including:

  • Decentralising ITIL knowledge so each area of the business knows what our customers want and how to support their customer journey.
  • Adopting practices both within and outside the tool to obtain a vision of what customers need.

“Accrediting our people in ITIL is vital as we need to live and breathe what we sell, develop and support. So, having our people accredited allows them to be updated on the latest ITIL 4 practice knowledge and extend the scope of a tool and the service we deliver. Getting value for money is a big thing in Latin America!”


World-class service management solutions from Latin America


With the Aranda Service Management Suite used by companies of all different sizes, the ITIL ATV accreditation has been well received.

“Our customers have confidence in both our tool and our people: the accreditation has helped us reiterate our leading position and show that world-class service management solutions can come from Latin America and compete with those from the United States and Europe,” Alejandro said.

And with a growing interest in Enterprise Service Management, he sees the potential for the tool combined with ITIL 4 practices helping many companies to elevate their service management maturity.

“We are committed to ITIL ATV status and I’m confident that PeopleCert will continue to reinforce the value of the ITIL 4 practices in our region through its training partners.”


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