ITIL 4 Master – a competitive edge at the highest level in IT management

Issac Thambi – Director and Head of ASEAN Delivery, Kyndryl (Singapore)

Achieving the new ITIL 4 Master designation is the culmination of more than 20 years of dedication to the IT industry for Issac Thambi.

Issac, the Director and Head of ASEAN Delivery at Kyndryl – a multi-billion-dollar IT infrastructure services provider and IBM spin-off – was awarded the ITIL 4 Master award, being one of the first worldwide to attain the latest ITIL 4 Practice Manager certification. This achievement was accomplished through the Indian PeopleCert partner, AaRohan Service Management Solutions. 

“Today, IT is a full-blown digital revolution that is omnipresent and part of the fabric of every industry. In this new paradigm, collaboration is of paramount importance with cross-functional teams and increased innovation. And, for professionals in our field, this needs dynamism and continuous learning,” Issac said.

“IT landscape has evolved from discreet technological advancements to a full-blown digital revolution. Cloud computing, generative/cognitive AI & and other disruptive innovations have shifted the paradigm, enabling previously unimaginable solutions. Being an ITIL 4 Master gives me a competitive edge as a professional when talking to clients and to understand how technology and frameworks are evolving worldwide. It also helps me prepare my organisation when involved in new client discussions at the highest level, which means translating business problems into business benefits through IT,” he added.

Issac qualified to become an ITIL 4 Master by adding ITIL 4 Practice Manager to his existing ITIL 4 Managing Professional and Strategic Leader designations – both of which helped him transform his knowledge and skills while working as an associate director for IBM in infrastructure, managed services and projects delivery: “With its greater focus on business relationship management, operational risk management, and core financial management, ITIL 4 supported my transition to a leadership role,” Issac said.

“The journey has significantly bolstered my business acumen, enabling me to adeptly navigate operational risks and bolstering my financial credibility. Attaining both Managing Professional and Strategic Leader designations played a pivotal role in shaping my current position. Particularly, the Digital and IT Strategy module resonated strongly with today’s industry contemporary imperatives, encompassing topics such as disruptions, digital transformation, sustainability, POM (Parallel Operating Models), the Barrett Model, and VUCA factors, among others.”

Having started his career as a software engineer at the turn of the century, he was soon involved in a more business-centric than IT role – and always supported by training and certification: “Swift career advancement can be facilitated through certifications, leading to elevated expertise and being adaptable to various environments and technologies. This process also underscores the readiness for leadership, enabling individuals to broaden their horizons and transition from being IT professionals to capable leaders.” 

He emphasized: "The introduction of ITIL 4 Practice Manager and ITIL 4 Master offers an outstanding, ongoing learning opportunity. On a personal level, demonstrating a comprehensive and superior understanding of ITIL best practices sets you apart from your competitors. 

“From Kyndryl's perspective – given its dynamic evolution – the expertise gained from ITIL 4 is invaluable, especially as we compete with other technology consulting firms. Our key strength is our people, including the leaders that guide our teams, provide invaluable support for mission-critical work, and contribute to reducing risk for our customers.

"When contemplating various ITIL 4 career pathways, professionals should inquire about the ways each route can contribute to their job. If aspiring to attain a leadership position within an organization, comprehending ITIL 4 practices becomes indispensable.

"I consistently enhance my knowledge and certifications driven by my passion, and I consider this achievement as merely the start of my ongoing, learning expedition."