Make the transition to ITIL® 4

ITIL 4 is the biggest thing to happen to ITIL since ITIL!

Are you ITIL v3 certified? Now you can transition over to ITIL 4 while still gaining the skills and knowledge needed to understand the core concepts of the updated guidance. PeopleCert has prepared some recommended routes for you and don’t forget to check out our comprehensive FAQs below to help you better understand ITIL 4.

ITIL V3 Foundation holders

If you hold ITIL v3 Foundation, the recommended approach is to take ITIL 4 Foundation in order to be able to transition to the new scheme. There is a large amount of new material in ITIL 4 Foundation therefore a new single exam is required to assess your knowledge of the new ITIL 4 Foundation guidance.

ITIL V3 Intermediate holders (3 or 4 credits achieved)

If you hold a low number of credits beyond Foundation, you have two recommended options to transition to ITIL 4, dependent on what you want to achieve in the scheme.

OPTION 1: You are encouraged to take ITIL 4 Foundation and a further module in your preferred area of interest, becoming either an ITIL Specialist, Strategist or Leader.*

If you have no intention of pursuing the ITIL Managing Professional designation, the recommended route for you would be to take the most relevant module in your area of practice/interest.

OPTION 2: You are encouraged to achieve 17 credits from ITIL v3 to become eligible to take the ITIL Managing Professional transition module.

If you would like to work towards achieving the ITIL Managing Professional designation, you will need to continue collecting ITIL v3 credits until you have achieved the required 17 credits to be eligible to take the Managing Professional Transition module.

The benefit of this route is that you are eligible to fast-track past the v3 Managing Across the Lifecycle course and exam. You can also continue collecting credits before ITIL Managing Professional examinable modules are launched.

*further prerequisite required

ITIL Intermediate/Practitioner holders (6 or more credits achieved beyond Foundation)

If you have achieved 6 credits or more since v3 Foundation, then it is in your interests to continue collecting v3 credits to prepare for an easy transition to ITIL 4 and gain the ITIL Managing Professional designation.

You will need to reach 17 credits to be eligible to take the ITIL Managing Professional Transition module.

ITIL v3 Experts

If you have achieved ITIL v3 Expert, you can take the ITIL Managing Professional Transition module as soon as it is released to achieve the ITIL Managing Professional designation.

After achieving the ITIL Managing Professional designation, if you are interested in pursuing the ITIL Strategic Leader stream, you would only need to complete the ITIL Leader Digital & Strategy module.

Once you have completed both streams, you are eligible to move towards ITIL Master.