PRINCE2 Official eLearning


Upgrade and verify your project management skills with our Official eLearning training and certification, all-in-one bundle!

We’re delighted to announce a game-changing update in PRINCE2 training with the launch of the PRINCE2 Official eLearning for PRINCE2 7 Foundation and PRINCE2 7 Practitioner! Embark on a transformative learning experience that supports your professional development, at your own pace and from your own space. PRINCE2 Official eLearning is designed to empower you with a dynamic, flexible, personalised, and engaging approach that enables you to sharpen your skills and reach your educational objectives. Discover our eLearning solutions and unlock numerous opportunities.



Why choose PRINCE2 Official eLearning?

  • Flexibility at your fingertips: your learning, your way 

  • Official eLearning is more than a course; it's a reliable companion in your pursuit of knowledge. Tailored to meet your individual learning needs, this platform is your ticket to a unique and tailored learning experience. Whether you're on the move or prefer to learn from home, our flexible solution can be adapted to your schedule and preferences, offering an enriching learning experience that transcends geographical boundaries.


  • Self-directed learning: take the lead in your education 

  • Bid farewell to rigid timelines and embrace the freedom of self-directed learning. PRINCE2 7 Official eLearning empowers you to choose your unique learning path. Explore resources independently, navigate the material at your preferred pace and select the depth of focus that suits you. Your learning journey, your rules.


  • An engaging learning environment: make learning enjoyable and effective 

  • Our online course materials and training modules are a vibrant mix of multimedia elements, interactive quizzes and engaging activities.  Available on both desktop and mobile devices, our courses were designed to be both entertaining and efficient.

  • Real-time feedback and progress tracking: stay on top of your learning journey 

  • Stay engaged with real-time feedback and progress tracking. Beyond quizzes and knowledge check activities, our Learning Process checklists help you test your understanding and identify areas for improvement. Keep track of your progress and enjoy an enriching learning journey that delivers measurable results.


  • Unparalleled quality: learn from the best 

  • Developed by the custodians of PRINCE2, our Official eLearning courses are based on the latest, most up to date materials and industry best practices - quality guaranteed. To make your learning journey with Official eLearning seamless and enjoyable, all Official eLearning packages come with all the prerequisite materials needed to both prepare for the exam and implement the PRINCE2 framework in practice.


  • Personalised: customise your learning experience to your needs 

  • Choose the package that suits you best, according to your requirements and budget. PRINCE2 7 Official eLearning provides a range of options, ensuring that your learning journey is tailored to your specific requirements. 

  • Support when you need it: your success, our commitment

  • Embark on your educational journey with confidence, knowing that our team, in collaboration with our partners, is readily available to assist you when necessary. We are committed to helping you succeed and we're here to support you every step of the way.



Embrace the eLearning Revolution

Delivered through Canvas Learning Management System (LMS), the PRINCE2 7 Official eLearning will revolutionise your learning experience.


  • An engaging multimedia approach
  • Interactive elements
  • Multi-level learning structure that accommodates individual preferences
  • Quizzes and knowledge checks to ensure seamless progress tracking
  • Mobile-friendly, responsive content available through the student mobile app



Start... eLearning!

Accelerate your professional development journey with PRINCE2 7 Foundation and Practitioner, which are now both available through our eLearning delivery option


There are two eLearning options for you to choose from:


  • eLearning: For self-paced learners seeking an engaging interactive eLearning experience to guide exam preparation.
  • eLearning+: For self-paced learners in search of a comprehensive and interactive eLearning experience, backed by Official Mock Exams and a free exam retake to instill confidence and increase their chances of exam success.


Jumpstart your career with PRINCE2 7 Foundation or take your project management skills to the next level with PRINCE2 7 Practitioner now! 

PRINCE2 7 Foundation PRINCE2 7 Practitioner