The new PeopleCert corporate brand identity is live

Not only do we have a new website, but we also happen to have a whole new corporate brand identity. Come to think about it, we appear so radically different now that you may start to wonder if this is still us.

It very much is.

We just wanted to be more clearly identifiable and more easily related to. That’s why we took a long, hard look at ourselves and started to think about who we are and what we do. How do you put so much examination technology, so many complex processes happening in the background making sure our candidates and business partners are happy, all in one brand?

We figured none of this matters. It’s what this all means that counts.


Introducing our new corporate logo


We think this is very special. A beautiful, simple and memorable logo that doesn’t pigeonhole itself into a particular element of our business or operations. It breaks away from several conventions regarding corporate logos. For example, it does not feature an emblem because we think over time it will become the emblem itself. As we continue to lead the way in the certification industry in a market that’s becoming more crowded by the month, simplicity is the way forward. And simplicity, as it turned out, was very hard to achieve in this new logo. But we think we’ve nailed it.


A behavioural brand that changes the game

The new brand manifests itself differently depending on whom we talk to. This is to help all our audiences better understand our messaging and more easily relate to it. For example, the new brand has a new bespoke colour that’s fresh and vibrant. Dig deeper, start discussing more complex stuff, and things start changing. You can already see how this works in the Partner site. You’ll see more of how this works in the months to come.



We depict business relationships in fresh and fun ways. We thought about our partners and how we do business with them. It’s a relationship that’s made up of two parts and these parts, once starting work together, become something great. They go great together. Therefore we use photography to illustrate this very concept. See for yourself on and look forward to some very cool marketing materials to come in 2018.


All talents, certified.

We do not just carry out exams. We do things with resolve and we do them by design. We certify skills and we do it with quality, integrity and a sense of pride.

“All talents, certified.” Three words. That’s what we do. That’s PeopleCert.

P.S.: We have invested so much in these three words we made sure we’ve copyrighted them too!


Looking ahead

We’ll continue discussing the new brand in this blog and you’ll experience it first hand in all your interactions with us going forward. Stay tuned and send us your comments at