The facts: COVID-19, or Coronavirus, has recently been declared a pandemic by the WHO (World Health Organization). Before this declaration, both the European Union and national governments in Europe issued a series of strict precautionary measures to withhold the spread and protect individuals, especially those groups more vulnerable to the impact of this virus.

Our priority: Since the first days of the outbreak, our priority was, as always, to protect our people: employees, partners, external providers and candidates. We have therefore followed all rules defined by respective authorities and our own Crisis Plan and continue to act accordingly. Our goal is to do anything in our capacity to ensure smooth business continuity and keep our people from being exposed to unnecessary dangers while following our fully digitised continuity plan, to maintain undisrupted operation and keep serving our partners and candidates with excellence.

Our measures: PeopleCert Group is a fully digitised company, allowing all major corporate functions to operate remotely. Thus, in less than two days, teleworking was introduced across all functions. Corporate or personal trips were cancelled until further notice and all employees screened for any unusual symptoms. Finally, meetings are taking place via digital platforms, and no visitors are being allowed on our premises.

Service excellence as a continuity plan: Continuity of service is part of our corporate culture at PeopleCert. Therefore, all measures needed to adapt to the current situation were already planned and immediately put in place. All PeopleCert employees and partners were kept updated on the situation and measures taken. Our partners were given detailed directions for actions they should follow aligned with WHO, EU and National Policies regarding COVID-19.

Online options for uninterrupted service: PeopleCert’s online proctoring option is the best option for continued candidate-focused experience, even in an unprecedented situation like the one we face today. We are increasing the capacity of PeopleCert Online Proctored Examinations to accommodate candidates who wish to take their professional certification exams remotely. In other words, candidates can take their exams from almost any place they want - a computer, a webcam and an internet connection are all that is needed for them to take the next step in their career and become certified in a secure and streamlined manner. More information regarding online proctoring can be found  here.

#noonealone culture: At PeopleCert, the wellbeing of our partners, staff members and candidates is imbedded in our corporate culture, keeping both individuals and broader society in mind to foster a sense of wider social betterment. In challenging times like these, we are therefore positioned to be agile, flexible and accommodating to our candidates, partners and providers. Our employees work as a single team to provide the best service possible while guarding not just their own wellbeing, but that of their colleagues, our candidates, partners and providers.

In his message to all of PeopleCert’s staff last week, Byron Nicolaides, Founder and CEO of PeopleCert Group, advises that “we will do “whatever it takes” to assure a safe working environment for our people and at the same time we will continue to serve our partners and candidates in the best way we can with minimal or no disruptions. Please be assured that we are monitoring the situation closely. These are unprecedented times, and we have to act responsibly, both individually as well as collectively”. 

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