PeopleCert is proud to have sponsored the Delphi Economic Forum IX (10 - 13 April 2024), for another consecutive year.


We’d like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of those who visited us in-person and those who watched through our live feed.


It was indeed a fascinating experience for our executive team to get together with prominent business leaders, international policy makers, and academics to discuss the challenges and opportunities of this AI era and strategies for driving growth.


Watch the recordings of our Panel Discussions below for an overview of the topics discussed.

Panel Discussions

Future-Fit: Strategies for Building Businesses Resilient to AI
Byron Nicolaides, Founder & CEO, PeopleCert
François Candelon, Managing Director & Senior Partner, BCG
Henderson Institute Global Director, BCG Henderson Institute
Harietta Eleftherochorinou, Vice President, Innovation Ventures
Marco Veremis, Partner, Big Pi Ventures

Chair: Michael Jacobides, Sir Donald Gordon, Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, London Business School
Beyond Start-Ups: Technology Leaders Shaping the Greek Ecosystem
George Giannetsos, CFO, Peoplecert
Pavlos Kanellopoulos, CFO, Kaizen Gaming
Kostas Kontogiannis, CFO, Skroutz

Chair: Philippos Kassimatis, CEO, Maven Global
Synergies and Success in the New Era: New Business Opportunities Between Greece and Turkey
Byron Nicolaides, Founder & CEO PeopleCert, Member of the Greek Community of Istanbul, dual citizen
In conversation with Aris Portosalte, Journalist
Classical Greek: A Catalyst in Education and Technology | Delphi Classics: Classics in Praxis
Byron Nicolaides, Founder & CEO, PeopleCert
George Linardatos, General Director, Avgoulea-Linardatou School
Konstantinos Doukas, President and CEO, Doukas School
Nikiforos Botis | Sr. Solutions Architect PS GR/CY, Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Erietta Tosidu, Energy & Industrial Sector Sales Manager, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Chair: Eugenia Manolidou, Course Director, Elliniki Agogi