From Engineering Graduate to Multifaceted Improvement Consultant: A Journey of Continuous Learning and ITIL Best Practice Integration 

Leidi Johana Malpica Pulido – Improvement Consultant in Healthcare and Engineering graduate, Julio Garavito School of Engineering, Colombia 



A former Engineering graduate and now Improvement Consultant who went “back to school” several years after leaving university is now combining multiple best practice methods in her company.  

Leidi Johana Malpica Pulido (30), who works at multinational healthcare business, Keralty, in Bogota, Colombia returned to her alma mater – the Julio Garavito School of Engineering – to keep her professional skills up-to-date via certifications in Scrum and ITIL

Choosing to study and achieve certifications in PeopleCert’s Scrum Master and ITIL Foundation has a direct link to Leidi’s job role: 

“My daily tasks are project-based and we are implementing projects constantly using the Scrum method. Also, many of our projects are based on services – sometimes involving third party suppliers – so ITIL is relevant to delivering services to our medical centre patients, for example.  

 “And there are instances where we are using ITIL and Scrum together, such as working with an external software development company to make data and information services available to patients.” 


Lifelong learning 

After completing her Engineering degree at Julio Garavito and holding various full-time roles since graduation, why did Leidi decide to continue her professional education?  

“Things change all the time with new challenges in technology and the market demanding more and different skills,” she said. “It’s important to learn new methods and get a deeper understanding of those I’m already using. 

“Studying ITIL has helped me to think about how to structure ideas and develop the company’s services while certifying in Scrum has given me a step-by-step approach to improve each stage of a project while coordinating teams, roles and responsibilities. 

“The experience of being a student at Julio Garavito again was amazing. And when someone graduates from this university, the market recognises that what we’ve learned is current and relevant to what’s happening in the real world.”  

As well as the value her professional best practice knowledge brings to her company’s revenue and profitability, Leidi also sees the positive impact it has on the company’s customers: patients who are receiving healthcare treatment.