Greece is on its way to becoming the next European hub for skilling, reskilling, and upskilling

With PeopleCert vying to establish Greece as a global example for best practices and corporate readiness


As the global leader in the certification industry, PeopleCert conducts millions of exams in more than 200 countries annually, partnering with organisations and agencies worldwide and aiding them via the propagation of life-long learning. 

Around 50,000 businesses and 800 governments, spread throughout 45 countries, apply PeopleCert's best practice methodologies. The company also became the first Greek "unicorn", following the 450-million-euro acquisition of Axelos in July 2021, with the final combined value exceeding 1 billion euros. 

With approximately 98% of the revenue coming from countries outside of Greece, PeopleCert carries the Greek flag in international markets, boosting Greek productivity and creating new jobs near constantly in the process. 

Never in business history has the pace of change and evolution increased so exponentially. People change and so does the company; PeopleCert’s core business values are centred around people after all. Technology can give professionals many of the necessary tools they need to reskill, upskill and future-skill themselves; nevertheless, global success requires that they speak the same "language" of best practices. 

PeopleCert today manages and develops a portfolio of global best practice methodologies, including some of the most recognised frameworks in project management (PRINCE2) and IT Service Management and Digital Transformation (ITIL). These approaches help organisations bring together the three elements that comprise a successful business approach today: IT, Business, and Delivery. While such elements might appear simple, many of today’s business leaders struggle in their implementation due to an overarching lack of coordination. 

By maintaining trained and certified teams and adopting the methodologies that are recognised as industry-leading best practices worldwide, technological solutions are raised to their maximum potential. PeopleCert drives transformation and gets organisations ready to meet the future by increasing the competitiveness of businesses and the productivity of employees, ensuring that all relevant projects follow budgetary, scheduling, and all other relevant parameters - supporting digital transformation initiatives and improving cooperation with both internal and external stakeholders accordingly. 
With the help of PeopleCert, Greek businesses and government organisations are optimising their performance and functionality - as have 82% of the Fortune 500 companies that have adopted ITIL worldwide. 
An opportunity, therefore, emerges for Greek businesses to turn Greece into a global example of best practices and a global hub that will improve the prospects of Greek professionals and job seekers, earning recognition throughout the world stage. 

The Greek version of this article appeared in the newspaper Kathimerini in July 2022.