PeopleCert and AXELOS at the SDI Service Desk Best Practice virtual event

PeopleCert and AXELOS are sponsoring the SDI Service Desk Best Practice virtual event

PeopleCert and AXELOS are proud sponsors of the SDI Service Desk Best Practice virtual event!

In the ITIL framework, the service desk is defined as the single point of contact between the service provider and the users. In this way, it acts as the communications point through which customers, employees and stakeholders can access their IT service provider for support, whether this involves managing incidents, processing service requests or handling communications in a timely manner.

SDI regularly audits some of the best service desks in the world against the Global Best Practice Service Desk Standard. Service desks are measured through 9 key concepts which include metrics, customer experience and leadership, among others. This event will explore how these concepts are adopted successfully by high performing service desk teams.

Akshay Anand (Product Ambassador, AXELOS) will be delivering a 15-minute presentation on Thursday 8 July at 1.10 pm, highlighting some of the lessons he has learned as an implementation consultant and as an architect and author working on ITIL4.

  • Presentation title: “Good practices for Service Desk Tooling

The service desk uses a variety of platforms and workflows to manage user interactions and activities. Some of these (such as ticketing systems) are used across the IT organisation and perhaps even in non-IT functions. But what are the good practices and principles to focus on when designing or configuring these platforms?

For further information and to register for this event, visit the SDI website here.


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