ILP-CoP is a Community of Practice established by development professionals and leaders whose vision was to bring Innovation and collaborative Leadership at the heart of organizational Performance.
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The goal is to support the emergence of modern and resilient learning organisations able to adapt to the growing challenges of our fast changing environment.

Our Mission is to Help Our Partners Succeed Through Innovation, Leadership and Competency Development.

ILP’s specialized approach is gradual, focusing on the development of skills, the implementation of practical innovative methods & solutions and ensuring support & coaching for sustainable change. It is based on our core values of true Partnership, Transparency, Quality, Integrity, Openness and Respect.

LP’s transformation approach is gradual, integrating the development of skills, the design & implementation of practical innovative solutions and ensuring support & coaching for sustainable organizational change. ILP’s original and collaborative three steps approach focuses on your needs and constraints to develop a unique change solution that will ensure long term results.