Software Development Skills Essentials - Intro to Web Programming

PeopleCert DEV Skills Essentials Certificate (Intro to Web Programming): Code your road to success!

‘Intro to Web Programming’ is designed to help candidates with no previous knowledge of programming to start their journey into coding. It provides them with the basic knowledge necessary to understand programming along with the essential skillset in basic web programming technologies. 


With PeopleCert DEV Skills Essentials Intro to Web Programming, you will be introduced to basic introductory concepts of computing, software development, algorithms, and programming. An emphasis will be placed on fundamental programming basics and topics (OOP), HTML, CSS, Databases, Scrum methodology as well as being able to write code using web programming languages including HTML, CSS and JavaScript. 

It has been designed for anyone who is considering becoming a software developer or wishes to be able to collaborate with a software development team more effectively and efficiently. 


Why choose PeopleCert DEV Skills Essentials (Intro to Web Programming)?

PeopleCert DEV Skills enables aspiring individuals to acquire the essential practical skills to develop their knowledge in programming. Holding a PeopleCert certificate enables you to get one step closer to fulfilling your career goals by demonstrating your ability to apply basic coding concepts into real life projects.


Which skills will I acquire?

Skills acquired

  • Introductory concepts of Computing, Software Development, Algorithms and Programming
  • Programming Basics, including calculations, data types, variables, loops, conditional statements, procedures, functions, recursion etc.
  • Use of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create a personal, static website
  • Testing and modifying/correcting their code


Who is the PeopleCert DEV Skills Essentials Certificate (Intro to Web Programming) for?

PeopleCert DEV Skills Essentials (Intro to Web Programming) is for anyone who is interested in learning basic programming concepts with no previous knowledge or experience. It is ideal for:

  • Anyone who is considering becoming a software developer.
  • Executives and entrepreneurs who wish to be able to collaborate more efficiently with a software development team.
  • Freelancers and bloggers/influencers who want to create their website.
  • Professionals considering of switching to a new career in the software development field.

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    Test and Modify Code


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