Almost every business decision within an organisation involves a certain degree of risk. Effective risk management brings a magnitude of benefits to all organisations, irrespective of size and type, as well as to programme and project managers.

M_o_R® (Management of Risk) is a robust yet flexible framework that allows accurate risk assessment.

M_o_R considers the different aspects of an organisation: strategic, programme project and operational. M_o_R® is a route map for risk management, combining principles, an approach and processes and offers advice on how they should be implemented, depending on the magnitude of the risk’s impact on objectives.

Who is M_o_R® for?

M_o_R® is addressed to:

  • Risk Managers
  • Project and Programme Managers
  • Business Change Managers
  • Operational team members and managers
  • Professionals in corporate governance environment responsible for identifying, assessing, or managing risk, or reporting on organisation risk management activities


M_o_R® benefits for the professional

  • Combines an overall approach with a set of processes and principles and shows how to embed these practices, review them, and where necessary adapt them to changing circumstances
  • Provides individuals with confidence to influence risk management across an organisation
  • Proves a professional’s expertise and know how
  • Helps make informed decisions about risks affecting strategic, programme, project and operational objectives
  • Improves communication and control


M_o_R® benefits for the organisation

  • Improves the effectiveness of risk management by identifying, assessing and controlling risk
  • Helps improve performance through more efficient use of resources
  • Increases the probability of achieving change initiatives
  • Provides better management of unplanned threats and opportunities
  • Provides a disciplined environment for productive decision making
  • M_o_R® is informed and aligned with the international standard ISO 31000:2009


M_o_R® Certification levels

The M_o_R® qualification comprises different levels of certification:

M_o_R Foundation

M_o_R Practitioner

M_o_R® Frequently Asked Questions

M_o_R® Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take M_o_R® classes remotely?

Yes. Some accredited training providers offer virtual classrooms and e-learning.

Which exams are available online?

All M_o_R® exams are available online.

Which exams do not need to go through a training provider and allow me to self-study?

You can take any of the M_o_R exams either after having attended classes through an accredited training organisation or after self-study.

How long does the exam take?

Exam times vary depending on the level. Check each level separately to find out exam duration.

Are the exam questions multiple choice, essay style or both?

All questions are multiple choice.

When will I receive the mark from my exam?

For computer based exams, preliminary exams are available immediately after the exam has finished and are subject to final verification from PeopleCert. For paper based exams, results are sent within 2 days upon receipt of the exam papers.

I recently passed the MoV® Foundation exam through PeopleCert and I have received my certificate. Is there a specific logo that I have rights to use in my communications?

Any individual who would like to include information on their M_O_R certification on a business card needs to take note of the following:
An AXELOS Trade Mark logo (e.g. the M_o_R® Swirl) cannot be used on business cards as they advertise a person/company and not the associated product.
An AXELOS word mark can (e.g. M_o_R®) be used on a business card as long as the correct symbology is used. For example:
Joe Bloggs
M_o_R® Accredited Trainer
Where practical (if it can be included legibly) the Trade Mark acknowledgement statement should also be shown. For example:
Joe Bloggs
M_o_R® Accredited Trainer
M_o_R® is a registered trade mark of AXELOS Limited. All rights reserved.

I am a M_o_R Practitioner. Do I need to re-register?

All M_o_R Practitioners need to be re-registered within 3-5 calendar years of their original certification.

In what languages are M_o_R exams available?

M_o_R exams languages are available in a variety of languages. Please check each module separately to find out the available exams.