DICTUC S.A Engineering that transforms. 
For almost 80 years, at DICTUC we have promoted our work to become the engine of technological development in the country. Through innovation and knowledge transfer, we offer high-impact and well-being solutions for the entire society.
We Provide Training For
DICTUC - Dirección de Investigación Científica y Tecnológica de la Universidad Católica - has been studying the strategic use of Information Technologies in the most important organizations of our country since 2003, and building for the last five 5 years professional education programs in conjuction with the university in areas such as strategic management of IT, digital transformation and cibersecurity. Thru CETIUC (Centro de Estudios de Tecnologías de Información; www.cetiuc.com), DICTUC has been making an important contribution to IT community with the support of the one of the most prestiguos universities of Latin America.